Hewn Spirits Featured In Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Craft Distilling Revival

Hewn Spirits is one of the featured distilleries in this article about the craft distilling revival in Pennsylvania, published by The Philadelphia Inquirer .

Sean Tracy behind the bar at Hewn SpiritsFrom a nascent Distillers Row with three newcomers set to debut by September around Kensington, to downtown Camden and suburban industrial parks as far off as Pottstown and Pipersville, liquor entrepreneurs are breathing new life into spirits production across the region.

Pennsylvania, home to 1,200 distilleries before Prohibition, is finally in the midst of a long-awaited booze renaissance.

There are now 21 licensed small distilleries in the Commonwealth, with pending applications for 10 more, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

“A year from now, there will be at least half a dozen more in Southeastern Pennsylvania,” says Cassell, who has had inquiries from prospective buyers of his versatile custom stills.

Sean Tracy’s homemade still is already producing character-rich Red Barn Rye ($28, 375 ml) with a small-barrel-aged amber hue, cereal, and spice, as well as an exceptionally smooth, white whiskey (New Moon, $38, 750 ml). I was most excited, though, by Hewn’s single-malt Reclamation, finished with ancient charred hickory, chestnut, or oak from Tracy’s barn restoration business. The hickory- infused version evokes salty-savory notes of bacon and the caramelized sweetness of maple syrup.


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